Inhabitants of Refugee Camps: We Are Not Thugs, We Are Good Defenders of Our Rights

Author: Iyad Riyahi
Issuance date: April 12, 2011

Water and electricity supplies are classified among the basic rights that should continue to be provided for people under any circumstances. The inhabitants of the camps see themselves as participants in the development process. Thus they are willing to contribute to the sustainability of the Company. However, they (we?) propose certain steps to be taken by the PA and the Company in order to reach a solution that is fair to all parties. The inhabitants of the camps believe that the money they pay to the PA in the form of taxes covers their bills. Therefore, they say that the PA should cover these bills directly to the Company or return the tax money to the people so that they cover their bills or carry out development and infrastructure projects that benefit the inhabitants of the camps in return for what they pay. This should be the first step towards achieving an agreement between the different parties.