Levthian the Canaanite Snake with Seven heads and importing Gas from Israel

Is it a coincidence that the largest Israeli gas field that entered into service recently is called Levthian in reference to the Canaanite snake that was mentioned in the Old Testament and known by having seven heads? It seems that the answer is negative as we see one of the “heads” is attacking us through the agreement to import gas from Israel for twenty years. The agreement was signed on January 5th in the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem between the presidents of three Israel gas companies as first part, and D. Omer Kittana, the Palestinian minister of energy as second part.

The deal is for 1.2 milliard US Dollars although the numbers are nonsense in this regard. The question is why an Israeli partner is selected for a deal about underground energy resource while the Arab countries are floating over a sea of oil and gas.

The owner of Delek Group, Yetshak Tshouva said: “I believe a strong sustainable economy between the two groups will lead to lasting peace in the region and all will benefit from the economic development and prosperity”.

Tshouva added: “Peace is joint work, economic cooperation, respect, and exchanged trust. Economic cooperation such as the agreement signed today, will bridge between countries and launch the base for a just peace”. Not only that, but also we are fed up with the slogans for creating work opportunities in Palestine through implementing some specific projects. Nonetheless, later on, we realize that under snow is nothing but desert land that has nothing to do with green on any level. The case here is similar to the case of the industrial zones in the Jordan valley that came with huge promises but nothing was achieved. Even the Jordan Valley itself evaporated not due to the hot weather, but due to the cold American positions that are equal in their coldness to the weather in New Jersey and New York this winter.

We should keep in mind that, according to Paris Protocol, PNA depends on Israel in importing fuel, gas, and electricity. The Palestinian minister could have referred to the Paris Protocol in case we had asked him why not Qatar provides Palestine with gas instead of funding gas unit in Jenin that imports gas from Israel. We were surprised to find that Jordan will be the other partner in trading with gas rather than Qatar though that might be approved by Qatar itself. The most astonishing issue is that the information smuggled through media that Turkey will contribute in searching for new markets for the Israeli gas.

Yetshaq Tshouva from Luvthian in addition to reprehensive of Delek Company and other companies speak about deepening peace. Peace, as it seems, means to invade the Palestinian communities that are similar to Ghettoes and bandstands. How could it be explained to prevent PNA from developing Gaza gas field (Marin) and obligate it to import gas only from Israel although the Arab countries are full of gas and even people there smell air full of gas? Is not it ridiculous that Qatar, the country with huge gas reservation, will fund the Palestinian gas plant that will receive the Israeli gas? What benefit would Qatar or Palestine gain? These are open questions in need for answers from involved people and those interested in the issue.

Some details about Marin gas field could be useful in this regard as it can cover the needs of both West Bank and Gaza Strip. This huge field has reservation more than Levthian has and could transfer Palestine into a source for gas to be exported to Jordan and Lebanon or Syria rather than importing gas from Israel. As we cannot import gas from other countries, at least we should stress our right to utilize our own resources where such resources become meaningless as utilizing them is conditioned by green light from Israel. Does not that mean that we should first seek the minimum dependence in our decision instead of wasting time in developmental projects that are useless? We think mistakenly that we can work on economy away from politics but that is impossible. Poet Mahmoud Darwish expressed that clearly in a marvellous metaphoric expression once he said that “those who have no wild have no sea”. Where does our political leadership stand against such situation?

Bisan condemns and rejects such agreement and calls upon:

  • The necessity to stop the agreement as it deepens the dependency of the Palestinian economy to the Israeli
  • The necessity to enhance the masses role in pressing on PNA to stop the political economic agreements and other agreements with the occupation

The agreement embodies dependency of Palestinians to the Israelis during the coming two decades and PNA is the sole r

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