بيان صادر عن مركز بيسان



بيان صادر عن مركز بيسان


تضامنا العميق مع الصحفي عمر نزال وعائلته الكريمة


تتوجه اسرة مركز بيسان للبحوث والانماء ممثلة بالهيئة العامة ومجلس الادارة وفريق العاملين باعمق مشاعر التضامن مع عضو مجلس الادارة  في المركز، الزميلة مارلين ربضي نزال على خلفية التوقيف التعسفي الذي تعرض له زوجها الاعلامي السيد عمر نزال من قبل سلطات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي.
ان مركز بيسان اذ يشدد على عميق تضامنه مع عائلة الصديق عمر، فانه يطالب بالافراج الفوري عنه، وعودته لعائلته وعمله وحياته الطبيعية. مؤكداً ان مثل هذه الممارسات لن تثني ابناء شعبنا عن تطلعهم لنيل حقوقهم والتمتع بحريتهم.





ادارة مركز بيسان


Itiraf Rimawi

It was expected that Itiraf will be released from the Israeli Jails on Sep 29th 2015. On Sep. 28th the Israelis inform the lawyer that the military commander of the occupation forces issued a 4 month administrative detention order against Itiraf. The order confirmation hearing session of Itiraf’s order hold on Thursday 01/10/2015 at Ofer Military Court near Ramallah. Itiraf as well as other Palestinian Prisoners boycott the Israeli Occupation’s military courts (since July 1st 2015) in protest of the administrative detention policy and the false trials they are subjected to. Till now we don’t know what happened in the administrative detention court. Below you can find a copy of the letter that Itiraf sent to the administrative detention courts.

“To the judges of the administrative detention courts:
I the undersigned within a group of administrative detainees, have decided to boycott all administrative detention courts because this detention, practiced by the occupation authorities against us, is arbitrary detention that violates the international laws. In addition, it is a punitive measure that deprives us of the right to freedom for a long period of time and is repeated several times on the pretext of a secret file. We are also deprived of the right to defend ourselves, and we never know a date for our release. The final decisions in the administrative detention courts are made by the Shin Bet security service (Shabak) and not by the judges.”
Itiraf Hajjaj /Remawi

You can find more details on the link:…/administrative-detainees-boycott-occu…



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