Freedom for Colleague Itiraf Rimawi

Freedom for Colleague Itiraf Rimawi… Freedom for all Palestinian Prisoners

Bisan Center for Research and Development calls upon its friends and partners to join the efforts to release its executive director, Itiraf Rimawi, from the Israeli prisons. 
• On September 15th, 2014, Itiraf was arrested from his house in al- Biera City- Ramallah where he was separated from his family: wife and three kids: Majd, Wajd, and Basil to be detained within the frame of the administrative detention law that has been applied since the British Mandate of Palestine during the first quarter of the previous century. 
• Since that date, the administrative detention was extended for three times in an average of four months per each.
• It was expected that he will be released and return back to freedom and family on September 30th, 2015, but, it did not happen and his detention was renewed once again for another four months that would end on 29/1/2016
• Itiraf, alongside with tens of administrative detainees, decided to boycott the administrative detention military court believing that such type of courts have nothing to do with justice and rights but part of the administrative system components of the occupation’s authorities. 
• Bisan Center for Research and Development looks for the widest possible base of support and solidarity from all friends, partners, and international advocators of human rights and supporters of nations’ freedom and right to independence and self- determination. Bisan calls upon immediate pressure on the occupation’s authorities to release Itiraf to be back to his normal life (family, work, and friends) outside the walls of the Israeli prisons. 

Bisan Center for Research and Development 
October, 7th, 2015

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